For real?

Yes, I legit had someone tell me:

“watercolor isn’t really painting, it’s just staining the paper.”

Aren’t all mediums, at their very core, staining paper?

Any-who, I digress.

I of course have my preferred medium, my soulmate medium if you will. But I’m a little bit of a medium flousy and don’t mind stepping out on the ol’ watercolors every now and then.
But seriously I could never imagine taking down about another medium as an artist. They are all complex, and difficult, and wonderful in their own right. I’ve never understood the paint pissing contest, arguing over which medium is more challenging, which the masters used in history ect ect.

There’s things I love about all of them.

Watercolors are my bae. Don’t need to elaborate, y’all know what it is.

Oil paint is so regal, the texture and blends you can get with it are to die for. Which you may die messing with that turpentine… kidding. Not really y’all be careful.

Acrylic are bright and vibrant, you can use it on different textures and objects.

Then there’s markers, alcohol vs water ect ect. That’s for another day.

Moral of the story, does it make marks of some sort on paper …. sweet I’m down.