I’ve spent the last few weeks getting to know a gorgeous set of 6 tubes and 2 dot card sets from the wonderful ShinHanart. The set I have is their 6 tube Premium PWC extra fine professional set. It contains some seriously gorgeous colors and I couldn’t wait to play with them.

In the set we have a vibrant Cadmium green, this shade works beautifully as a mixing shade to make a variety of stunning greens. Yellow ochre is such a stunning earthy tone, it works perfectly in this piece and can be diluted down to a wonderful light yellow. Crimson lake is definitely one of my favorite shades in the set. It’s such a rich deep crimson tone and is an absolute favorite for a floral artist like myself.  Vermillion hue is a bright orange that mixes beautifully and is stunning used next to Burnt umber for a beautiful fall feel. The last color in the set is Prussian blue. This shade is absolutely perfect. A super deep blue that adds a gorgeous pop of color to any piece.

ShinHan Art Watercolor Paint Tubes My first impression was how professional and high quality the packaging is. The tubes are secured in a beautiful box that’s great for storage. When filling my pans from the tubes I had zero issues with the paint squirting out or filling un evenly. The distribution was perfect. They dried with no cracks and totally even.

I was so blown away by how these watercolors swatched. Perfectly even distribution, insane pigmentation, and extreme versatility. These 6 colors have endless mixing possibilities and offer a huge range of colors and shades. If you’re looking for a perfect limited palette, that fits all your needs, this is it! shinhan-art-2 I decided to create a loose, airy floral piece to highlight this amazing collection. I had no issues with these watercolors and they really enhanced my creative experience. They are absolutely top-notch quality, and I will be purchasing more colors. I love the ability to use them as super pigmented, vibrant shades, or to dilute with water and get a soft and light effect. They bleed and blend into each other flawlessly, and give your piece the loose watercolor feel we all love. shinhan-art-3 The dot cards are amazing, and contain enough paint and colors to last quite a while! As a botanical artist, I really enjoyed the variety of greens. This is something other big brands lack, and I was so impressed that ShinHanarts has every single green hue you could ever need. This paint is so incredibly pigmented that a little absolutely goes a long way, it blends beautifully and works great. I love how easily it disperses and glides across the page when using the wet on wet technique. It really behaves beautifully on the paper. ShinHanart 104 Color PWC, Extra Fine Water Color, 48 Color Professional Watercolor Dot Card Charts ShinHanart 104 Color PWC, Extra Fine Water Color, 48 Color Professional Watercolor Dot Card Charts I absolutely recommend this brand to anyone from beginners to professional artists. They offer multiple price points depending on the collection, and both are amazing watercolor collections and choices. They are available on Amazon, which is awesome, as we all love to get our new supplies quickly!

Get the SHINHAN SWC Premium Professional Artist Grade Watercolor Paint Set on Amazon

Get the SHINHAN SWC Tint Premium Professional Artist Grade Watercolor Paint Set on Amazon