This 6 pan set is giving me serious fall vibes, perfect for this time of year. Modfox Watercolor is owned by the lovely Amber. It’s a one-woman shop out of Georgia. She specializes in beautiful handmade watercolors.

So the color choices in this palette are so cohesive, and it’s totally a palette that you can grab and start creating with. The colors all go together while being unique enough from each other that they totally “pop” when used together. 

These came in a sweet little tin with the Modfox logo on top. She included the cutest little swatch card that totally goes with the whole “Fall” vibe.

When I went to swatch these watercolors, I was shook at how easily they activated! No more than two drops of water per pan and the paint immediately started swirling.  As you can see from my swatch video, it doesn’t take much paint to get an awesome payoff. That makes these perfect for not only painting but lettering as well. Watercolor lettering requires exceptionally pigmented and quality metallic paint. These are perfect! 

The shades are extremely unique and have some very cool qualities about them. The first shade is Foliage. It’s a beautiful olive green shade with bits of a gold undertone, Sugarplum is blue with purple undertones, Honey is a vibrant, bright gold, Red Maple is a deep, rich burgundy, Pumpkin Spice looks exactly how it sounds… it’s a rich and vibrant, gorgeous shade. Yellow Birch is a warm yellow that is super metallic and shows up beautifully.

These watercolors look stunning on both black and white paper. I really enjoyed how different some of them looked on black paper, the undertones and duo-chrome nature really shows up. I decided to give the black paper a go while creating this piece. I really love the way it tuned out, especially the lettering.

This is a really diverse palette, one that you can create tons of pieces with while using just what’s in it. I’m a sucker for a palette that allows you to use just what’s in front of you. The watercolors are of superb quality, and I can’t wait to add some more colors from Modfox watercolors to my personal collection.