The vintage palette is a lovely 5 pan set, in an awesome yellow vintage tin that sets off the whole aesthetic. I loved the individually wrapped pans, names, and swatches, along with the custom swatch card with the palette name. Being Us based, I just LOVED the vintage Italian tin and the array of wonderful dot cards that accompanied it. 

The palette consists of a warm yellow ochre, a rusty deep red-brown, a vibrant and energizing blue, a warm and rich chocolate brown, and the deepest, darkest black I have used to date. The pigment load in these shades is serious, they are so rich, and a little goes a long way. They perform beautifully and consistently. 

This palette totally gave me fall vibes, so fall branches with leaves were in order. I made it a point to mix the blue with the rust color to make a vintage, fall toned lavender. The classes mixed beautifully. The natural pigments offer some granulation, which gives your work such a cool feel and effect. 

I love how this piece came out. I’ve really been trying to work in the less is more approach. These pigments made that easy and possible. The colors are so pretty that they can absolutely stand alone with little effort. 

"You do something to me... that I can
“You do something to me… that I can’t explain” by Coloring Brittany Art

Alex from Shine Pigments is a wonderful artisan that makes an equally wonderful product. Italian pigments are top-notch and this brand is no exception. 

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