So, I’ve been experimenting with a palette that is absolutely one of my favorites watercolors of any in existence. This stunning set from deep deep light.  A beautiful 8 pan palette, containing some seriously beautiful shades. 

Deep Deep Light is a handmade watercolor brand that strives to bring the most quality pigments from around the world to a usable palette with beautiful results. The ladies who run Deep Deep Light have extraordinarily souls, that radiate through their product. From the second you open the palette you can feel the hopes and dreams of the artisan, and that’s the possibilities are endless. The pigments they use are custom mixes of their own, which makes the results as unique as the artist using them. 

Nature by Nature Watercolor Palette by Deep Deep Light on Coloring Brittany Art

The 8 pan Nature by Nature palette contained 4 pans of greens. Chrome oxide green, green earth, solstice fern, juniper shadow. I was delighted by this. As a botanical artist, I know that ready made greens are almost always not right. It takes a lot of tweaking and mixing to get the shades looking organic. Deep deep light nailed this. Every single shade was perfection right out of the pan. I used all 4 shades in the piece I posted. The other 4 shades were: a gorgeous deep dark eggplant, Mother Earth grey (the granulation of this shade was magical), a gold ochre (which was rich and buttery), and an Indigo that literally took my breath away. Deep Deep Light is located by the Baltic Sea, so I can just imagine the marvelous natural pigments that they have access to. I’ve only ever used synthetic blue pigment. Their blue was so vibrant and natural. I fell in love instantly. They also included Mayan red. Perfect for a pop of color, and I love the secondary feel that it has. I really appreciated that none of their shades were “Crayola”, (not exactly primary). They all have this organic real-world vibe that makes them mind-blowing, and gorgeous right out of the pan.

Nature by Nature Watercolor Palette by Deep Deep Light on Coloring Brittany Art
Nature by Nature Watercolor Palette Swatches by Coloring Brittany Art

The formulation is as perfect as the shade range. They wet and then turn it into a perfect consistency with no effort at all. I didn’t even have to wait for these to activate. 

I decided to do a semi wet-on-wet, loose-floral piece with this palette. The colors flow beautifully and the experience is really magical. They are unlike any other handmade paints I’ve ever used. Very rarely can I just open a palette I’ve never used and create something I love on the first try. That happened with these. Deep Deep Light has an essence about them, it allowed me to enjoy the process more than the result. And that it in self is such a gift.

‘Like a Heartbeat Drives You Mad’ by Coloring Brittany with the Nature by Nature Watercolor Palette from Deep Deep Light

This is a brand you can’t miss. Every artist needs to try these paints. They are definitely magical and I will be adding more to my collection.