This set came in the coolest little tin, embellished with the coolest little beads on top. What’s inside is even better ;).

Watercolor Palette from NaraNe on Coloring Brittany Art
Embellishments on the NaraNe watercolor palette

She sent over a palette with 10 pans total, varying in sizes. I am obsessed with the tiny pans, how cute are these?!. Narane makes artist grade watercolors, that are totally vegan! i love how environmentally conscious her brand is!

A Look Inside a Watercolor Palette from NaraNe - Coloring Brittant Art
A look inside this beautiful palette from NaraNe

This palette has some seriously unique colors. It really pushed me to think outside of the box with my piece, and it was actually a really cool experience. So by now, I think everyone’s realized that watercolor botanicals are my jam ,and this color palette made such a cool bouquet. 

Artwork by Coloring Brittany Art, using a watercolor palette from NaraNe

The two half pans contained a shimmer shade that appears brown in the pan, on paper it turns into the prettiest vintage maroon! Perfect for a centerpiece in a bouquet. The other half pan is this gorgeous deep eggplant. The other pans had a few varieties of purple ( you can’t ever have enough purple) a STUNNING vibrant blue,a deep metallic red, a beautiful white and a really cool metallic gunmetal grey. 

The grey was an amazing accent when it came to adding leaves to the bouquet. I love the pops of blue in this piece!

The quality of these paints is amazing! They are creamy and full of color! This artisan has her formula down pat! I really enjoyed the mix of matte and metallic, she has both formulated perfectly. 

A thorough examination of a watercolor palette by NaraNe

Nara is a fellow artist from Brazil and just the sweetest lady! I’ve enjoyed picking her brain on her paint-making process. She is so knowledgeable and talented! She also has some amazing artwork on her Instagram! Check out her awesome handmade made paints, as well as her work on her IG.