A wonderful handmade watercolor brand out of India ran by two talented sisters who obviously share a love for creating quality Watercolors! They recently launched their brand internationally! Woohoo!

Luminosa Colours - handmade watercolors on Coloring Brittany Art
Beautiful packaging, love their attention to detail.

The package was sent with a ton of gorgeous dot cards, all individually wrapped and labeled. The palette and samples were sent in beautiful sash drawstring bags. Super pretty and such a sweet detail. The 6 pan palette arrived in a cute little tin, complete with a sweet thank you and business card. Extremely professional presentation, and very well put together. You can totally tell that these ladies don’t skip on any details! 

Luminosa Colours - handmade watercolors on Coloring Brittany Art
Look at all those colors. Love the variety of samples.

The six colors included were Indian gold, Phantom green, Sultry, Starburst, Midnight blue, and Reve. These shades swatched beautifully on both white and black paper. I was shaken at the pigment load in these paints! So vibrant and gorgeous. They go on smooth and the pigment and shimmer are evenly distributed in every stroke. Their formulation is perfection. I had so much fun with every shade and I included as many of the dot cards in my piece as possible. I absolutely loved the array of greens they created. I know green metallics can be tricky, and they absolutely NAILED it! 

Luminosa Colours - handmade watercolors on Coloring Brittany Art
Extremely pigmented, love the way they pop on black paper!

Metallic florals give me such a coastal feel, especially when done on black paper. The shade peach is one of the most stunning shades I’ve ever used. It’s so different and has such a beautiful coral to rose-gold shift.  The is literally so full of shine that I couldn’t wait to try it! The shade Starburst is to die for. The formulation is amazing and it gives you the ability to create a totally transparent layer, or build it up and make it opaque. Phantom green is what I would call a ghost shade, it looks white in the pan but on black paper, it is an awesome green. I combined both Starburst and Indian gold for the rose, I just couldn’t get over how gorgeous these colors were together. Indian blue is the most gorgeous vibrant blue shade, it shows up beautifully on both black and white paper. Reve has such a timeless look to it, it’s such a rich red tone, that’s perfect for florals. 

Luminous offers handmade artist grade pants that are an absolute must-have for handmade watercolor lovers! A pan of this paint will last forever, as the pigment load is great. The color selection offers something for everyone, and you. You can totally tell the work that went into curating this palette.

Check out Luminosa on Instagram and Esty! This is not a brand to miss! They have amazing customer service and a stunning product! 

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