Artists be like….I’m not good enough to use my expensive supplies.

I feel this so hard. I currently have 2 packs of Arches watercolor paper set aside for when my work is worthy. But in reality it never will be. Not to me at least. It will sit up there and waste away, probably become a home for a nest of spiders or something more useful than what I’m doing with it. I think this is something all artists go through. Do you think Van Gough stuffed away Micheal Harding tubes? It’s possible.

Do as I say not as I do. Use those nice supplies, your work is absolutely worth it. It’s not a waste. Even if you completely F up, a mistake is better than success because you learn something. So it’s never a waste…. look at me being all philosophical and shit.

Art is a form of self-care in my opinion. Some people spoil themselves with pedicures, I spoil myself with luxury hand made watercolor pans. Your art is worth it, your mistakes are worth it, you’re worth it.