As you know I’m typically a watercolor maker gal,  but I’ve been dying to try my hand at alcohol markers. I came across an amazing company with outstanding products and decided to give them a go! 

I received an awesome zipper carrying case full of 80 dual-tipped alcohol markers. I was astounded at how amazing the color selection is! When blending markers it’s important to have lots of value choices for seamless blends. Aspire markers nailed it! As you can see from the swatches, there is an amazing array of colors! All markers labeled and named for easy identification.

The first thing I noticed about these was the low odor. Alcohol markers can be super strong, and these had such a mild scent. It made them very enjoyable to use. The next thing was how easy the color laid down. Not streaky at all! I’m very new to alcohol markers and I’ve heard there’s quite a learning curve. Aspire made it easy, these markers layer beautifully and blend seamlessly. 

Anyone familiar with artist-grade makers knows how insanely expensive they can be. Aspire allows you artist-grade markers at such an affordable price! The whole collection in the compact carrying case is such a perfect gift for any artist! They are definitely on my list for my 12-year-old manga artist son’s birthday. 

I have been doing a botanical study for about 6 months now and mushrooms have been a subject of interest for me lately. On this piece I used rose red, old red, warm grey, cool grey, and milky white. The colors are vivid and stunning! These markers aren’t dry or squeaky. I was really amazed at how user friendly they are!

Mushroom Art for Aspire Colors  by Coloring Brittany Art

If your in the market for an artist grade quality set of markers, check out Aspire on