It’s owned and operated by an amazing lady named Carin, that puts all her love into every pan. It’s a newer shop in the handmade paint community, and is an absolute hidden gem!

It was so refreshing to see an artisan make traditional matte paint, I feel like it’s definitely a lost art and it’s so great to see someone bring it back to the community. Matte paints are definitely trickier, as the artist using them has higher expectations than Mica metallics. She absolutely knocked it out of the park with these!

Butterfly Watercolors Palette
Butterfly Watercolors Palette

They arrived in the sweetest colorful little tin, all individually wrapped. It was quite the adventure shipping internationally during the pandemic, but they held up beautifully and arrived in flawless condition. 

The shade selection she chose is wonderful! I’m a big botanical painter, so the array of colors was right up my alley!

"Art is to console those broken by life" by Coloring Brittany Art
“Art is to console those broken by life” by Coloring Brittany Art

She included a beautiful orange , it’s so soft while still vibrant and it’s used for a stem of the snap dragon in my piece. She included a olive and Kelly green. Both so different and when combined they make such a perfect botanical green. The yellow shade is so pretty! It’s a cool yellow that reminds me of a lemon yellow. She also send a ton of dot cards! I choose an a beautiful warm blue to include in the piece I created. 

Every pan was easily activated with just a bit of water, they mix perfectly and the application is exactly what you want with matte shades. I’ll be adding every single shade to my permanent floral palette and enjoying every single use!

Check her out on Instagram!