Check out the logo on her tin, that’s her creation. Absolutely amazing talent!

Dreamland Watercolor - Watercolor Palette
Dreamland Watercolor – Watercolor Palette

The palette from Dreamland came with 5 pans of insanely blinding metallics. The pans came in a beautiful black and gold mesh bag, perfectly matching the dreamy feel of her brand. All wrapped like little metallic presents, unwrapping these was such a treat. All the pans are labeled and have magnets on the bottom. I for one seriously appreciate this. Especially with metallics, I typically take one out at a time and stick it on the top of my palette, so I love that she thought of this detail. She included a few dot cards of other shades in her collection, now I need all of them.

I really loved the color range in this palette. The shade Sintra is unlike any other gold in my collection. It has this beautiful green undertone and it’s such a dynamic shade.

  • Nebula is literally a galaxy in a pan. The purple to blue shift is stunning!
  • Flora shade is so rich a magenta with a slight purple to fold hue.
  • Kerid is such a wonderfully unique shade. It reminds me of the gorgeous rainbow sheen of a mermaid tail.

She sent a dot card sample of seafoam (a beautiful pearly green), blue frosting (a vibrant blue with a silver shift), and sugar plum (a bright purple that suits its name perfectly). 

All of which I used in the piece.

“Life Should Be Celebrated” – By Coloring Brittany Art

I really enjoyed using these on black paper. They all showed up amazingly and had such a smooth even texture. I was able to freehand letter the quote with Sintra, I was shocked how beautifully it showed up with just the smallest amount on the brush. 

Emma from Dreamland Calligraphy makes a seriously fabulous product. She’s such a talented calligrapher, so she knows exactly what it takes to make watercolor that’s perfect for lettering. Not only are they wonderful for that, but punting with them was a joy! 

Check her out on Etsy! Grab some of these amazing watercolors and use code BRITTANY10 for 10% off!