HannahMade Paint Watercolors Review on Coloring Brittany Art

One of the things I adore about small businesses is the amount of love that goes into every product and package. I received the most gorgeous package from @hannahmadepaint.

Every single detail was thought of, and unwrapping each of these pans was like Christmas 7 times over! The packaging was so cute, she included a few sheets of watercolor paper, perfect for swatching or card making! I loved the personalization of the things she included and the sweet note ❤️. The quality of the paints requires a separate post, which will be coming soon! I will also be posting a piece I created with these amazing paints soon. 

Using these watercolors was certainly a pleasure. Wetting the shimmer shades was magical! It literally looked like a little galaxy of sparkle when wet! The pigmentation of all the shades is out of this world. HannahMade’s Ultramarine Blue is one of the best I’ve ever used. Yellow Iron Oxide is such a buttery rich color and my absolute favorite. Ultramarine Rose is a dusty pink that is so unique and definitely a brand new shade in my collection. 

About the Artisan

Hannah is a design engineer and watercolor wizard out of Dayton, Ohio. Her amazing watercolor making is a creative outlet for her.


Currently on her Etsy shop is a variety of matte and shimmer shades. Her half pans retail for $3.00, and her full pans retail for $6.00. What an absolute steal!


Add these to your collection here:

Instagram: @hannahmadepaint
Etsy: Hannah Made Paint