Cabooks is a handmade sketchbook brand that specializes in eco covers. Before you even ask what this is, let me tell you how incredible and special these sketchbooks are. 

First, her packaging is a treat within itself! I received my sketchbook wrapped like the beautiful gift it is, in brown paper with a string bow that held awesome decor circles from her other covers. A personalized note, which is so sweet and a card explaining why these sketchbooks are SO special! And a little mini sketchbook that made my day! She didn’t know, but I collect tiny art supplies, so this was such a sweet sentiment!

Cabooks creates eco covers by pressing various botanicals between watercolor paper and boiling them. The shape of the botanical stains the paper in such a cool abstract way. The result is a truly stunning one of a kind cover made with your choice of plant or flower. If you visit her store you will see she does Eucalyptus leaves, Rose petals, Daisies, and much more.

I choose Peonies, I’m obsessed with them. They are so delicate, and just have such a softness about them that I love!

The paper choices Cathy offers are vast and can hold any medium of your choice She has a “pick you paper” option, so your book is personal and suits your artistic needs! In my sketchbook, I choose 140 lb Arches cold-pressed. She also offers Strathmore, Fabriano, Canson, Bee paper, Bristol vellum, and much more. All beautiful hand-bound with Copic stitch binding. 

My wonderful Peony sketchbook is 6×9, but her available sizes are just as unique as her covers. Travel, minis, landscape, circular, etc. 

All books include a ribbon bookmark, an elastic to keep the book closed, and a charm that hangs on the front. Mine says “handmade” and I just adore it.

Cathy makes absolute treasures. This sketchbook is super special to me and will be going up on a display shelf in my studio. It will contain my most appreciated and meaningful pieces. 

Thank you, Cathy, for letting me in your world of creating these sketchbooks, I fell absolutely in love with the process. A book from Cabooks is a once in a lifetime gift and you will cherish it forever!