An amazing brand I’ve had the opportunity to work with that offers high-quality art supplies for all skill levels. They are a small company that conducts themselves as just that. You can absolutely see this in the way they care about their customers and conduct their business. Crafty Croc is all about creativity and fun, that’s right up the Brittany Alley! I love nothing more than working alongside brands whose mission and business ethics line up with mine!

Now on to the fun!

“In a field of roses be a wild flower” by Coloring Brittany Art
Crafty Croc Brush Pens Demonstration

Crafty Croc sent over this amazing watercolor brush pen kit, that I have had a blast with! This set comes in a travel case with 24 amazing colors and 2 water brush blending pens. They are artist quality while being easy enough to use even for beginners and kiddos. 

The colors in this set are gorgeous! There’s a huge shade range, making it a perfect choice for creating anything your mind can come up with! They look amazing right out of the pen, but the magic happens when you add just a little bit of water. The pens are actual brush tips, so no need to worry about fraying! The blending brushes apply the perfect amount of water, so you never have to worry about water control!

I decided to do a simple summer wildflowers piece. The pens lay color beautifully, in a supernatural watercolor-like fashion. They render out perfectly and look just like paint! Their pens allow you to make fine-line or thick strokes. I love the ability to leave some of your line work as ink, and render out others for a watercolor effect. If you layer the color on top of each other it blends perfectly! 

Check out Crafty Croc for these awesome pens and much more! They offer such great supplies at amazing prices! They have deals of the month as well as open box deals that are impossible to pass up! Click on the Amazon link below to grab a set of your own.

This isn’t the last you will be seeing of this brand from me! Stay tuned!