Maza Watercolors Palette
Watercolor Palette from Maza Watercolors

I’m just in love with this set. It’s a 5 pan set, all stunning metallic shades. 

They came wrapped in the sweetest little package, each pan individually wrapped and marked. She also included dot samples that make you want to buy her entire collection. Have y’all seen her Etsy? Absolutely amazing shades! She also included some stickers that are of her own artwork! Unbelievably talented! 

These pans were poured perfectly, I literally don’t know how she did it by hand but they are all filled to the brim and beautiful. These wet insanely well and activate instantly. Check out this video to have your sparkle loving minds blown. 

Insane right?

  • She sent over Reign, a stunning blue metallic with a shift I can’t quite put my finger on but I’m in love. 
  • Seafoam, a light mint green that is so pretty and pastel.
  • Daydream, a rose gold with a pink shift that is to die for! 
  • Sahara, a light baby pink that is packed with shine and the sweetest shade!
  • And last but not least: Orthrus, an amazing purple shade with a gorgeous gold shift.

I can’t choose my favorite, so don’t ask lol. They are all gorgeous!

I’ve had the idea of doing a lightbulb terrarium piece for a while, and this set was perfect. Gorgeous shimmer and beautiful pigment, while still having the transparent quality of watercolors we all love. I used all 5 shades in the bulb and just let them run together, like a happy little family. The lettering was done with Orthrus and Reign. These two shades blended beautifully and were a joy to use! Super even and the pigment and sparkle distributed great!

Let Your Soul Shine by Coloring Brittany Art (Product Demo)

Fatima is a top-notch seller and artist. If you’re looking to add some high-quality metallics please check out her Etsy and Instagram. And if you’re looking for some amazing art eye candy, her art Instagram is where it’s at! She does such a great job! 

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