Little Cabin Studios Travelers Sketchbook Handmade Packaging
The Little Cabin Studios Travelers Sketchbook in beautiful, handmade custom packaging

Little Cabins Studios is an amazing brand out of Juneau, Alaska. Owned and operated by Ashley, who is a phenomenal artisan and fellow artist. 

She specializes in awesome artist-grade handmade sketchbooks, containing 100% cotton paper! Her shop contains various shapes and sizes. She offers a variety of paper options including Arches, Stonehenge, and Saunder Waterford. I love her customization options, its a handmade treat made especially for you and your artistic needs.

Okay, we have to talk about her packaging. She puts her heart into and once you receive a package from Ashely, you will absolutely feel that. I love the hand-painted touches, and the care she puts into her product. It’s something I look for in any handmade item and she completely exceeded my expectations!

Little Cabin Studios Travelers Sketchbook Handmade Packaging
A lot of love is put into the details

She offers a variety of covers, as you can see I choose a cover that I’m completely able to customize myself and make my own. The sketchbook I received is full of fabulous Arches cold-pressed paper. It’s a landscape sketchbook that is 3′ x 6′. It has an amazing handwoven Coptic binding and beautiful alternating edges. I’m such a fan of the torn edges on this sketchbook. it gives it such a vintage feel that I adore about the quality watercolor paper.

Little Cabin Studios watercolor sketchbook comes with a customizable cover
The watercolor sketchbook comes with a customizable cover
Little Cabin Studios Travelers Sketchbook With Deckle Edges
Alternating Deckle Edges

Little Cabin Studios puts all of her love into her creations and it absolutely shows! She thinks of everything! Like making sure the pages are both front pages or back pages on both sides of the book, so the texture is the same on both sides. This is so beneficial if your painting with your book laid flat and using both pages. She alternates deckled and torn edged paper, this makes your sketchbook aesthetically perfect! Every single sketchbook contains a watermark on the last page, along with a label stating the paper type and sketchbook size, for re-ordering of course ;).

Flower art created by Coloring Brittany Art
Comes with 140 lb. Arches cold-press paper

Her Etsy store offers travel, classic, and mini sketchbooks. She has an amazing selection of paper including Arches, Legion, Stonehenge, and more. This is a perfect gift for any artist or just an amazing treat for yourself! You can totally tell these books are made for artists by an artist. Her attention to detail is phenomenal. This sketchbook isn’t just beautiful to look at, but the entire process, from opening the beautiful packaging, to the small details at every corner, to actually adding your art to it, create a whole experience that makes you want one in every size.

Sketchbooks contain your dreams, your ideas, your imagination, and emotions… your art. They should be as unique as you are, that’s what Little Cabin Studios does.

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