I painted this using the amazing handmade watercolors from Cozmick Creations . This palette is a 6 pan palette that included a mix of shimmer and metallic paints. She also included a TON of dot cards, I had so much fun with her watercolors! 

Let’s start with how awesome her packaging it. Her paints came in a tin that has an amazing crown logo on it. All the pans have small round magnets that don’t fall off ever ( unlike the flat square magnets) and she also uses these to secure the swatch card. It’s so helpful to be able to keep your pans in place especially while using them, they simply stick perfectly to the top of the tin and stayed put during use!

She has an absolutely massive collection of colors, over 200! They are all so gorgeous and so hard to choose just 6! I’ve never seen a handmade artisan have such an amazing variety, definitely varying shades of every color and finish you can think of. They are ALL to die for! 

We narrowed it down to burple, a stunning metallic that looks blue in the pan but has a deep stunning purple to blue shift. This is the purple used in the lettering.

Pink lemonade, a light baby pink with a shimmer finish, it’s what I used on the mermaid tail.

Mermaid, a gorgeous teal metallic that is so pigmented and amazing! This was used in “mermade”

Muscadine, a super unique shade. It’s an extremely rich purple with an insane shimmer finish.  Total disco ball in a pan!

Bliss, this shade is so cool and one of a kind. It has a rose gold to lilac shift and is so delicate and beautiful!

Firebrick is a beautiful vibrant pink, used in the word ” mermade”

Jungle is a dot sample, its a stunning mint/light green shade. Its used in the lettering along with burple

Her watercolors are excellent quality and perfect for lettering and painting. They wet beautifully and are packed full of shine! I’d highly recommend her to anyone looking to add some shimmer or metallics to their collection!

Check out her Etsy store where all shades are swatches and photographed beautifully! 

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