I received the sweetest package last week. Little Reverie Studio sent over this gorgeous 4 pan palette.

She literally has the best packaging y’all, every pan was individually wrapped in the cutest wrappers, they literally looked like candy. She included 4 metallic shades.

These pans were so perfect, they literally looked like they came out of a factory. Swatching her paints on her swatch cards was such a treat, I’ve never seen the custom watercolor swatch cards, and it’s such a cool idea! I’d love to have these for all of my paints! She definitely thought of every aspect, an amazing seller who thought of the entire user experience. From opening the package to using the product. She also included an amazing sample of another collection she offers, all the dot card samples perfectly organized on a custom card. Each dot sample had a feather stamp for you to swatch the shades on. Her attention to detail made unpacking these watercolors SO fun!
Now on to these awesome swatch cards that came with every pan I ordered. One area is so a gradient, the black line is to show opacity, another for a wet on wet technique, and an area for lifting the paint. It would be insanely handy to index all your shades in this format, so you know exactly how the paint behaves before you put it on your paper. I was so excited I didn’t realize I swatched wrong shades on the labeled cards. Gees Brittany.

Coolest swatch cars ever!

These watercolors melt with the tiniest bit of water, they instantly turn in to a little glittery galaxy in the pan.

These shades made me think of diamonds so I figured I would let them all bleed into each other, and create this gorgeous mixture of 4 perfect shades. These watercolors are fantastic to paint with and look amazing on lettering. The purple shade Mage’s Ink is so unique, the color shift is perfect. It looks super blue in the pan, then turns into this deep royal purple with a slight blue shift on the paper. I did the word “heart” in the shade mechanical heart, pun fully intended. It has rose gold, bronze tone. It’s just lovely. I have nothing like it, so it was an awesome addition to my collection. The gorgeous green shade is Sea Glass, and the name fits it perfectly. No other way to describe it. The last shade is Midas rose. It’s a beautiful pink that has a perfect gold undertone. It’s a very unique tint, not a Barbie or a deep pink. It reminds me of the sheen you see on a seashell. So pretty.

Let me tell you, picking 4 shades out of her gorgeous collection was hard. I will absolutely be adding more to my collection. The quality is superb and this seller absolutely deserves all the love and support

Not only is Alex a fabulous watercolor artisan, but she’s also an artist herself and an extremely talented doll maker, her YouTube channel is amazing!!

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