Some fun watercolor doodles with @art.colourblock awesome watercolor pencil travel kit.

This kit is great, everything you need comes in a zipper pouch that holds 24 watercolor pencils, 2 drawing pencils, a watercolor paper pad, 4 synthetic brushes, a sharpener, and an eraser.

What more could you ask for?!

The color range in this set is gorgeous, it has all your basic primaries, but also has variations of all the colors of the rainbow. They go on nicely and blend out easily. This kit allows you to truly enjoy our creative experience, without worrying about having all your necessary supplies. Just grab and go!

This set is perfect for travel, professional or student artist, or even a child that’s getting into art and needs something high quality and versatile. Perfect for those spontaneous creative adventures!

ColourBlock offers a wide variety of supplies. Everything they offer is great quality, while being affordable for all artists. They have superb customer service and really care about their customers and creators.

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