Is anyone else as in LOVE with these metallic paint as I am?

@bouldercolors released the phenomenal Geode palette…and it is STUNNING.

Geode is a 6 pan set that really encompasses its name. It came in an awesome matte black tin that totally went along with the gemologist feel of Geode. All the shades are rich, vibrant and full of shimmer.

I love the look of this piece, it reminds me of stained glass windows. I used every shade in the palette as well as some fabulous samples she sent from their gorgeous Mermaid set. A lot of times with metallics, you have to add water and let them sit. Not these. They activate beautifully and coat the brush perfectly. When you put them on the paper the pigment and shimmer spread evenly and lay beautifully. The colors are all very different but compliment each other in an awesome way.

Boulder Colors makes all their watercolors by hand. They are all organic, plant-based, and locally sourced from my beautiful home state of Colorado. They are artists’ quality while being safe enough for children.

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