I love the look of layered flowers, there’s just something super delicate and awesome about them.

This piece was created with supplies from the wonderful Bloom paints, which is a fabulous women-owned business that just recently launched. The company is owned by Abby, who is such a sweet lady. I love the packaging of her paints. They look like little candies.

Here’s a quick video of her adorable packaging:

All of her paints are mulled by hand, which is such a cool and relaxing process. If you have never seen it, please check it out! Her watercolors are all made with artist quality pigments.

This palette is 10 pans with all of the shades you would need to get going. It immediately made me feel muted florals. Which is, of course, my thing.

All of the shades were extremely creamy when wet. Quinacrine Red and Lavender Blue mixed beautifully to create the purple and the fuchsia used in this piece. The shade French Green complimented the florals perfectly. I decided to make a second piece because I wanted to showcase the other shades in the palette.

I decided to do a wet on wet wash with floral line drawing on top. Yellow Ochre is so buttery and rich. Havana is a warm camel color that blooms beautifully. I’m a huge fan of the deep brown shade in the palette. It’s so deep and vibrant and looked awesome next to the Diox Yellow. The ink layer on top perfectly.

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