So the @addisonandsedgwick Dragonfly collection is marvelous. The colors are amazing, they blend beautifully. I had so much fun doing this piece, I was able to use all 14 colors. As you can see from the watercolor backgrounds, this paint is amazing for wet on wet. It’s pigmented and blooms gorgeously across the paper. I was able to erase pencil on top of it and the paint stayed put. A lot of times when you erase pencil on top of watercolor, the paint will lift. This stayed perfectly. They wet so easily! These paints behave perfectly on the paper and I will be using these till the wheels fall off!

She has an amazing eye for color curating, and her collections are whimsical and unique. I highly suggest giving her stuff a try! She has insanely great attention to detail! Definitely a small business that deserves some love! She’s a joy to work with and her product is top-notch!

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