My go to supplies as of now.

Subject to change.

All artists have their go to’s. The supplies their the most comfortable with.

Let’s start with where it all starts, pencils.

Ya girl ain’t picky. I do like softcore lead pencils because they erase easily on my watercolor paper. Most artist quality drawing pencils don’t have erasers, this grinds my gears.

So naturally next is erasers. I’m a fan of kneaded erasers. You can form them to get into all nooks and crannies, you can roll them to pick up a light layer of graphite, their self cleaning, and there fun… which is really what this is all about.

Drawing paper

I don’t care, I’m sketchbook hood. I’ll draw on a damn napkin.


I’m a HUGE fan of handmade watercolors. I don’t know what it is about them. I just need them ALL. I know having 234 little metal tins isn’t super convenient, but cute overrides convince for me.
Outside of handmade I like half pans cakes, they wet and dry nicely and the pigment is consistent. Unlike tube paints, when you let them dry and reconstitute them, the pigment isn’t as vibrant.  Plus there’s nothing more satisfying than a much-loved set of pan watercolors. 


Ok yes, the paper makes a difference. I hate admitting that, but it’s true. I use Canson cold press XL a lot, it’s cheap and does what paper should do. But it’s not the best. But I can’t speak on better, even though I own lots of it, it’s chilling in my closet waiting for me to be “ good enough”. I talk about this nonsense here.

Arches is amazing, I also love Arteza expert and premium.


I like round brushes with a tip pointed enough to cut a bish. I also love my size 2 rigger for my lettering. Other than that I don’t use a ton of different types. But I do have all sizes in rounds. Really you need a 2,6,10 or something around those sizes. I use all synthetic. I’m a huge fan of the Pigeon letter brushes, Princeton snap, as well as these from the dollar tree called Master class. Brushes don’t necessarily get better with price.   

Watercolor pencils

Colour Block Watercolor Pencil Travek Kit (hands down).

Colored pencils

Prismacolor soft core. Boom.

Fine liners

Pigma Micron, Le Pen from Marvy is good. But I’ve also used the Sharpie art pens which are great but not waterproof. Found that out the hard way. Artist loft also offers a “knock off” set of the microns that’s actually great. And waterproof.

Waterbrush pens

I’ve tried so many brands. The only one I like and still use is Pentel Aquash. The medium size.

Lettering supplies will be another post, and that’s a whole other conversation. Stay tuned!

For a easy list of all my go-to supplies check out: