Art is Eternal - Coloring Brittany Art
Created by Coloring Brittany Art

This piece was created while doing an awesome class on Skillshare. I heard about Skillshare for a really long time and it always peaked my interest. I finally got my butt in gear  and signed up! It’s a literal smorgasbord of education, on any subject matter you can imagine. I of course, hang out in the Fine arts section.

The great thing about learning is you can never know too much or everything. I’m pretty well versed in the technical aspect of watercolor. What Skillshare made me realize I was missing is the emotional and mental aspect. I’ve taken numerous classes about letting go, and about how every piece doesn’t have to be a masterpiece. Art is about knowing what mistakes to keep.

The instructor YasmineaCreates has a great teaching style for me. She’s quick and to the point, everything is light and fun. She’s the master of “anything goes” and it’s ok if it’s not perfect.

Check out Skillshare. There’s absolutely something for everyone!

And no this post isn’t sponsored. I just really like it.