Grow Untamed - Coloring Brittany art
“Grow Untamed” Created by Coloring Brittany Art for Honey_ColorPaints

This piece was created with the sweet set from @honeycolor_paints
The palette is a gorgeous 6 half pan set, that includes 5 mattes and an extremely metallic gold. Paige from @honeycolor_paints really did a fantastic job color curating this set. The colors go together flawlessly and complement each.

This palette screamed vintage florals with gold lettered accents to me. The shade Tattered Letter is this creamy, delicious off white that is perfect for daisy petals. I used Peanut butter in for the centers of the daisys, it’s the perfect vintage yellow, that is rich but muted at the same time. My favorite color in existence is Midnight Storm. It is the coolest shade I’ve ever seen. It looks chocolate brown in the pan, it paints this insanely rich complex plum with a hint of blue, and when it dries in your palette it literally looks like a storm of both colors swirling. I plan on stocking up on this shade, so I never have to be without it. The mason jar is done with an extremely pigmented blue shade called Sapphire blue, which is a perfect name and description of this color. In my piece I obviously had to dilute it quite a bit, the range you can get is amazing! I mixed Sapphire blue with Peanut butter for the perfect soft green, which I used for the leaves and stems. These paints mix amazingly. The shade godess blood is what I did the lettering with. It is blinding. It goes on evenly, and is a perfect choice for lettering and gold accents. In this piece I didn’t use Rusty red, but it is an amazing warm rust shade, that reminds me of the stunning color that dried roses take on.

Check out her IG and visit her Etsy so you can snatch up some colors before their gone!