So, I discovered watercolor lettering. For myself, a set of cheap ( and awful 😂) water brush pens, and my 6-year-olds chalky watercolors. Off I went. 

Y’all, I was BAD when I first started lettering. And for those of you who don’t believe me, I’ve kept some gems for ya. Oh yes, I’ll post them below. It didn’t surprise me because my handwriting is horrible. I then learned that hand-lettering is nothing like handwriting and everyone’s bad at first.

You have to build up the tiny muscles in your hand that it takes to keep your lines steady, and that takes time. So that’s what I put into it. Time. About a year straight, I’d everyday practice being honest. I was determined to improve and I did. Slowly… so slowly I didn’t even notice until I looked back at where I started. Glad I kept those hot mess attempts from the beginning stages. It made me want to keep going and I did. 

I got real brave and started hand-making my family cards, lettering my kids school project headers, and continued making my signs.