The concept seems so simple, but why is the art of being a good person lost on so many?

While I love Instagram, the tit-for-tat mentality is yucky to me. No one is willing to do ANYTHING for someone without gaining something. If this was everyone’s mentality, the whole world would be at a standstill. No one gets ahead by busting out their fair meter in every circumstance. EVERYONE has benefited from the grace and good nature of someone at some point, and not being able to give them something in return.

I make it a point to like posts, leave comments, view stories, and boost up others, for no reason other than I want to. When I started my IG and had less than 50 followers, I was lucky enough to encounter a few kind souls. They took the time to look at my work, leave encouragement, and like my art. It was so much more than a “like” for me, it gave me the confidence to keep going. And maybe they did it to be nice, maybe they really did like my stuff… it doesn’t matter. It helped mold my confidence and mindset to keep putting myself out there.

Be one of those people.