Once upon a time, I wanted to make a wood sign for my house. Ya know, like the cute ones we see at Hobby Lobby? Welp, I didn’t love the prices, so I figured I could make it myself. A little bit of paint, little bit of wood, easy peasy right?! 

So, I bought some letter stencils and some acrylic paint, and off I went. Stenciling letters on everything I could find. My house was filled with quotes from The Addams Family, Incubus lyrics, and stupid puns. It was ok, but definitely not fulfilling my creative outlet.

It got to the point where I wanted more options for letters, different styles, sizes, etc. Then, ya girl found out that those stencils ( especially large ones) are not cheap. And of course, I wanted all of them. I’m inherently an unorganized mess, so my little stencil letters were everywhere. RIP lowercase u. We miss you. While looking for sign making inspo, I saw all the cool hand made signs and thought…

“How cool would it be if I, little ol’ Brittany could write like that?!”

I started to research and the Google machine landed me on articles about how to hand letter. That was it. It had begun. 

I was smart and started with cheap materials and worked my way up to the high quality as I improved. I found loads of free material, and I 100% taught myself to hand letter. At my desk, in a corner of my dining room. I stumbled upon watercolor lettering, and then the wormhole became even bigger. I’ve low key always loved watercolors. And now I can use them to letter?! Staaaahhhhhp it. 

Stay tuned for part 2.