If you have been sleeping on Regina’s watercolors then wake up!

I was fortunate enough to have this beautiful palette gifted to me by the wonderful Regina!
I received them Saturday, beautifully packed in purple tissue paper, and wrapped with a silver bow! Who doesn’t love bows?! The pans are full to the brim and the amazingly creative magnetic palette allows you to arrange the pans in any way you would like. The palette itself came in a gorgeous purple velvet bag, and is unlike anything I have ever seen! Its thin and compact for travel, with a glass area for mixing. I’ve never used a glass area to mix and let me tell you… game changer. Comes clean with just a swipe of a damp paper towel! She thought of every detail, from the laminated swatch card to the high-quality travel brush, to the mini paint spatula to help release the pans from the packaging.

These watercolors make me want to paint baked goods. To see something yummy I created with these clicks here.

It’s probably because the colors are legit delicious. You can absolutely see the love she puts into each and every pan.
Insanely pigmented, and vibrant. They melt into the paper, not just sit on top as some watercolors do.  A little goes a long way with these, they will last forever! The travel brush included with the set is super good quality, I will be using it like crazy.

About the Artisan

Regina was a social worker and floral designer by trade, but a watercolor and music enthusiast by passion. She specializes in watercolor gifts and accessories. She literally cuts her own custom glass pieces for her palettes! Her journey to becoming the artist behind these amazing paints is so inspiring. She shares it on her YouTube channel, I really encourage you to check it out. It really shows you the love that goes into this product. She experimented with so many mediums before she stumbled upon the perfect formulation, which birthed Regina’s Watercolor. At first she didn’t intend to sell these, but I am so happy she did. And what the perfect paint need? The perfect palette to go along with it. It truly is one of a kind. It makes me question why no one else thought of this until now! Regina’s watercolors are seriously special paints created by a truly special person.


The Plus set that accompanies this review retails for $75.00. It contains 20 large square pans of paint, a magnetic palette with glass mixing surface, a mini spatula, swatch card with protective sleeve, pan sticker labels, a synthetic mini travel brush, and a velvet gift bag.

She also offers a companiom set, as well as a sampler set. She also offers all shades in 3 different sizes.

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